I was reading the articles that I have posted for PAVE’S blog and noticed a trend. I have been reporting on incidents that take place and the effects that occur due to these acts of malice. However, while reading through them I noticed a trend among the victims. Something that as humans we all have and we should all be very proud of; that is strength and courage. As humans we are both blessed and cursed with an uncanny amount of resilience and the ability to overcome adversity.  Though these victims have endured some of the most horrific experiences that most of us can’t even fathom in our worst nightmares; they are standing strong today. Standing up for those that are still fighting this fight!

Not only do these victims fight for what is right and the ability to get back to having as normal of a life as possible, they also have to deal with the media and the public pointing fingers in all the wrong directions. Every time I hear someone say, “Well look at the way she’s dressed, she’s just asking for it!” It makes me cringe. That is the problem with society in a nutshell. The stereotyping and the unjust ability to blame the innocent for someone else’s actions. As a parent I stress to my children that you can’t blame anyone else for your actions or your reactions and that is something we must all remember.

Throughout history the woman’s body has been portrayed as a beautiful masterpiece and over time it has become looked upon as more of an object and that is something that needs to be addressed.

We are told that there is strength in numbers… to never walk alone, walk in pairs at night and so on. This is not only true in the physical sense it is true in the emotional sense as well. There is strength in numbers, there is more strength than one could ever know they possessed when they have a strong support system. Humans, just like most animals were not meant to travel alone, we were meant to travel in groups of our own kind. Those that we have things in common with, those that need us, those that we need and those that can help us and teach us things.

We are all stronger than we know and with support systems like PAVE out there, together we can get through it! This is a time for reflection and to realize that no matter what you are here today and you are stronger than you know.

Written by: Ashten Meadows