Bipartisan Taskforce to End Sexual Violence

Rep. Annie Kuster is hoping a new bipartisan task force will help bring an end to sexual violence – and she's working on it with the teenager at the center of the St. Paul's School sexual-assault case PAVE Ambassador Chessy Prout. Mariska Hargitay of Law & Order:...

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PAVE Stands with Cinefamily Survivors

PAVE stands with the survivors of Cinefamily and anyone who has been impacted by sexual harassment or assault. PAVE member Yasmine Kittles of the Los Angeles electronic band Tearist is issuing a statement on this and encouraging anyone impacted by sexual harassment,...

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Press Conference Outside Courthouse for Cosby Trial

From opening statements to closing arguments, the defense has been using tactics of victim blaming and shaming. These are tactics that are used to intimidate survivors - but Andrea Constand will not be intimidated. -ANGELA ROSE STATEMENT FROM ANGELA ROSE, PAVE FOUNDER...

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Karen Huger Shatters the Silence on BRAVO

Tune into the Real Housewives of Potomac on BRAVO this Sunday, May 21 when PAVE Ambassador Karen Huger bravely shatters the silence of sexual violence in her first televised interview about surviving sexual assault. Karen has been working with PAVE for several years...

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Art For SAAM

PAVE Ambassador Steve Connell wrote and performed a powerful new poem that we hope you watch and share. PAVE partnered with Go West Creative, Spoken Cinema™, UN Women and MEND™ for the launch of poet Steve Connell’s new spoken word piece about the importance of...

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PAVE New Member Welcome!

Thank you for joining PAVE where your monthly gift will help grow the national movement to shatter the silence of sexual violence. We really appreciate your commitment to this cause and welcome you to the PAVE family! Your gift is tax deductible and you will receive...

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Love. Care. Heal.

  A junior at Georgetown Day School named Tyce has a passion for consent education and supporting survivors. She has dedicated her independent study to creating packages to help heal survivors. Please click here to donate and join us on May 21 for a fundraising...

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When Delaney Henderson was 16 years old, two boys from her high school sexually assaulted her. When she #ShatteredTheSilence, she was harassed and bullied relentlessly forcing her to change schools and move hundreds of miles away. A rap song was even written by...

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ACTION ALERT! Participate in the #IHaveTheRightTo campaign and support Chessy Prout! PAVE stands with courageous teen sexual assault survivor Chessy Prout! Last week, Owen Labrie was back in court seeking a new trial. Labrie, a former prep school student at St. Paul's...

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PAVE Welcomes Alex Prout to the Board of Directors

We can never erase what happened to our daughter but we can pour every ounce of our energy into preventing other young people from rape and sexual assault.  Sending your child to boarding school, summer camp, or even to college, should not be a dangerous decision....

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The Silence Is Over

 The Silence Is Over: A Journey of Empowerment from Survivors of Sexual Abuses Submission Deadline:  May 15th, 2017 Sexual assault and abuse are traumatic experiences that cross political lines, country lines and gender lines. It’s a trauma no one should have to...

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Jean’s Two Year Survivor-versary

I decided not to be silent with my story, because the pain I felt could empower another.  Art for me has always been a coping mechanism, and I hope you can share in my pain, and my triumph today. I am forever grateful for PAVE, and excited to see the lives I can...

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