“Consent from Start to Finish”

“Consent from Start to Finish”  is a PAVE program created by Kyle Petty that engages athletes and their coaches to create a consent culture within their teams and at their schools.

This presentation explores the root causes of sexual and interpersonal violence as well as the power of language. Led by teachers who are also coaches and former collegiate athletes, this powerful, participatory presentation will examine the dynamic impact athletes have on their schools and society.

This interactive workshop also includes leadership development for athletes with bystander intervention training. Now more than ever is the time to have that “uncomfortable” conversation on sexuality and consent, to change the rhetoric around “locker room talk” and, in effect, decrease the alarming number of athletic programs involved in sexually violent crimes. Let’s empower our athletes – who we all are watching on the court and in the field – to do the right thing when no one is looking.

Ms. Petty was extremely well prepared and had a candid conversation for over an hour with our older players giving their full attention. Kyle’s ability to mix her teaching background as well as absolute desire to educate our student-athletes about safe dating is evident by her unique ability to understand her audience and demand participation. She allowed the players to speak freely about what cultivates healthy relationships in high school as well as how mitigating factors play a huge role in their lives. Furthermore what can be done from a by-standers perspective as well as how to talk to their partners about consent. How alcohol and drugs could play a role in relationships as well as who’s responsibility it is to know when something may run a foul. She encouraged student-athletes to elaborated on realistic examples of situations and discussed how best to react should they arise again. Overall, Ms. Petty is exactly what APS needs to communicate PAVE’s message to our student-athletes. Her enthusiasm and passion about the topic was evident and far superior to anyone I’ve seen discuss this topic. -Evan Rodger, High School Teacher & Boys Lacrosse coach 

“My passion lies in working with athletes taking their leadership skills from the court and implementing them in honest conversations about sexual assault, consent and bystander intervention.” -Kyle Petty, PAVE’s Athletic Education Director

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Kyle has been in D.C area for 7 years.  Growing up in an athletic family, Kyle has been involved with sports since elementary school.  She played Division II Volleyball at Barton College, where she earned a degree in Education.  Kyle has been teaching health for all grades for the last 9 years, currently at Washington-Lee Highs School in Arlington county.    In addition to the classroom and curriculum work on Family Life and Planning, Kyle has also been coaching varsity level volleyball and basketball.