PAVE stands with the survivors of Cinefamily and anyone who has been impacted by sexual harassment or assault. PAVE member Yasmine Kittles of the Los Angeles electronic band Tearist is issuing a statement on this and encouraging anyone impacted by sexual harassment, abuse or assault to shatter the silence of sexual violence. If you or someone you know has been impacted, we are here to help and offer resources.

For help and support after trauma:

24/7 National Sexual Assault Help Hotline: 800.656.HOPE (4673)

Peace Over Violence

Rape Treatment Center

California Coalition Against Sexual Assault

PAVE’s Help for Loved Ones

We are looking into holding a concert to shatter the silence of sexual violence – please contact us if you you would like to get involved! Get involved with PAVE and make a difference!

PAVE member Yasmine Kittles issued the following statement in response to the allegations.

To all that have been impacted by sexual harassment, sexual abuse, or sexual assault at Cinefamily (or otherwise)

Do not be scared into silence
The fear of speaking has to be broken.
It’s the only way to free yourself from its control and begin healing.
We believe you.
We care about you.
And we all want these predators to be held accountable.
So, please, speak- loudly…
Your voice can change things RIGHT NOW.

For some it may not be safe to speak
It is up to you to decide what is best for you- in order to heal.
It is up to you to know what you need- in order to take your power back.
No one should be shamed for their decision.

If you are at the place where you can- know that we support you whether you choose to heal through a facebook post or a tweet or a retweet or an instagram … or if you choose to go further.
I believe
If we want change-
If we want to hold people accountable for doing something against the law-
We have to go through the law.
You have to report what has happened to you…even if you feel it was “too long ago” or “my thing wasn’t that big”… report it, but you don’t have to report alone. (I can connect you with people that can go with you.)

We are at a rare time in the world where- more than ever before- people are listening.

Sexual assault is sexual assault.
There is no “big” or “small”…
The effect it is and has been having on you is because you were violated “big” or “small”. We all have the same dialogue, hear the same things in our heads as we go through the roller coaster of our brains and bodies attempting to deal with what has happened to us. The feelings of shame, the fear of “what will people think,” “maybe I did something wrong,” “i don’t want people to look at me weird,” “I don’t want people to think i’m weak”…. We’ve all heard. We’ve all said it.
The wanting to minimize, the wanting to “pretend it didn’t happen”… it does not make it go away.
It only tightens its grip on you emotionally.

As a survivor myself – I know this is not easy, but neither is having been victimized.

Do not let this be an “alleged.” You were not “allegedly sexually assaulted”…
So change the words.
We don’t have to hide anymore.

Predators rely on us to stay silent.
We have the power to change that.
Predators should rely on us to speak.

Please feel free to contact me if you need help finding resources – for emotional support/healing or if you are needing help finding legal advice or representation. (These resources are free- as is going forward with an attorney, so do not feel deterred.)

Love Truly,
Yasmine Kittles

NOTE: I’d like to stress again- it is up to you to determine the safest, best thing for you to do in order to heal. There is no wrong decision. The most important thing is for you to take care of yourself and do what’s right for you and your emotional health. Reporting is not easy. At all. I, personally, felt that it was brutal… but I knew it would be. I had a team of support, and it was still not easy. Again… you don’t have to go alone- there are people and resources that can help with that. Coming forward happens when (/ if) you are ready… which can take years (if ever) to even realize or be able to acknowledge what has happened to you. This is why we are fighting to change the statute of limitations. Please know that whether or not you are able to come forward- you are not alone. We believe you. No one should be shamed or guilt-tripped for not being at the place where they can speak. If or when you are ready to come forward- report it to the police. It is less important to report it to social media… but if that’s what you choose. We honor that as well.***