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(Trigger Warning: Kidnap & Rape)

Video production by Michael Lubin

Carla Westlund is shattering the silence as she recounts the night she was kidnapped and raped by a fake Uber driver and her courageous path she traveled toward hope, healing and happiness with Promoting Awareness | Victim Empowerment (PAVE) by her side. Carla’s story made national headlines as the perpetrator was a serial offender who sexually assaulted at least 7 women while posing as a fake Uber driver.

PAVE helped Carla heal and now Carla is helping others!

In the wake of the recent news story of University of South Carolina student Samantha Josephson who was murdered by a man who she thought was her Uber driver, Carla once again shattered the silence and spoke with CNN and other national news outlets about PAVE’s Ride Hailing Safety Campaign, CASA, CHECK. ASK. SHARE. AWARE which Carla helped to establish. Click here to learn more.

The PAVE community is ready to support survivors’ health and healing in a safe place today. If a loved one has been sexually assaulted, learn how to support them – click here! If you have been sexually assaulted and are seeking a safe place to find hope and healing join our Facebook community support page at Facebook Survivor Support.

Part of Carla’s journey to healing was participating in one of the many PAVE Festival of Healing events offered throughout the country. The event brings together holistic wellness practitioners for regional healing summits that feature trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness and music therapy. Participants experience presentations on a range of mental health and wellness topics such as meditation, Tai Chi/Qigong and other healing arts.

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Coming Soon: Watch for our exclusive video series by Andrea Constand as she leads survivors through the healing arts.

Learn how PAVE helped Andrea move from survivor to thriver, “I felt so alone until PAVE came along”, Andrea Constand 2018