Delaney Henderson

Delaney Henderson’s story made headlines when she was sexually assaulted by two boys with whom she went to high school with. After repeated attacks in school and on social media, Delaney decided to share her experience with the world as she came forward with her story at 17 years old. Delaney was repeatedly bullied and re-traumatized following her sexual assault and was named publicly in a rap song that was published which also threatened her life. Being an unprecedented case and the first of its kind, this rap song made its way to the California Supreme Court of Appeals which overturned the previous judge’s decision to throw out the case claiming freedom of speech, and they also agreed to have this case published because of the importance behind it.

As an ambassador of PAVE, Delaney’s story has been featured on a 48 Hours Special Edition Episode on CBS as well as the Television Show, Crime Watch Daily on Broadcast syndication. She was invited to the Sundance International Film Festival to speak on behalf of sexual assault victims across the nation in a documentary on Netflix called Audrie & Daisy, in which her story is also featured in. Delaney graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and aims to spark a change in culture by sharing her powerful story with many young adults, parents and survivors.

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